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Kaiseki, rooted in the spirit of gathering and imbibing enhanced by a curated menu of many hyper seasonal dishes, traces its origins back 680 years. Each course captures the philosophy of "shun," where every ingredient is enjoyed at the peak of its flavor. 

From the craftsmanship expressed in the cuisine to elegant dining vessels created by Japanese artists, hakubai combines traditional Kaiseki principles with modern approachability.

Four award-winning chefs have been selected from Japan to guide the kaiseki culinary journey at hakubai. Executive Chef Jun Hiramatsu, Head Chef Keisuke Otsuka, Head Pastry Chef Tadashi Netsu, and Chocolatier & Pastry Chef Mariko Hosokawa have collaboratively composed an 11-course seasonal tasting menu, highlighting traditional Japanese techniques.

We invite you to step into a new world that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

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